Sep 2018

Architecture intérieure


Photographer: Ricardo Labougle.

Located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés Paris, Champeau & Wilde have completely transformed this vibrant pied-à-terre, which showcases lively and poetic design features. Making few structural changes to this two-bedroom apartment, there is a graceful proportionality about the space including a dressing room surrounding the expansive bath. Within this quintessentially traditional French apartment, there is a clear contemporary interlacing of bold patterns, textures and forms. The leopard-pattern carpet that Champeau & Wilde stretched virtually from wall to wall emits a trendy spirit in the living room and is combined with floor to ceiling casement windows, creating an effortless elegance. On the walls, the interior duo has hung mainly modern works, including abstract collages created by the French painter Francis Montanier. In a more traditional vein, the clients provided a trio of old maps, one of which is an 1817 plan of Paris. Champeau & Wilde’s interior design stays within the overall register of the apartment adding a unique modernity that proved irresistible to the client.